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Construction workers park illegally on Pacific Street and 6th Avenue

There are three sources of illegal parking in the immediate proximity of the project site.  City employees associated with the 78th Precinct, FDNY Ladder Company 105 and HPD regularly park on sidewalks and use illegal placards on 6th Avenue, Dean Street and Bergen Street.  Members of the Temple of Restoration Church regularly double park on Dean Street between 6th and Carlton Avenues throughout the week.

Construction Workers regularly park illegally in no standing zones and sidewalks on Pacific Street between 6th Avenue and Carlton Avenue, on the 6th Avenue Bridge, and intermingled with 78th Precinct employee cars.  The illegal parking at times is three rows wide and during this period has sometimes blocked the marked street.

The Amended Environmental Commitments Memo is clear that the only parking provided construction workers will be on block 1129, and that it will be priced equivalent to nearby parking garages.  Although parking is now apparently provided to construction workers throughout the footprint, it is unclear they are being charged.  It is also unclear why, while parking is being provided in the footprint, FCRC condones illegal parking in no standing zones and on public sidewalks.

Complaints have regularly been filed about this problem for months, however police have not enforced parking regulations.  Likewise, ESDC has been asked to address the issue multiple times by members of the community.

Failure to enforce the law has led to a number of unsafe conditions including an occasionally blocked street, a collapsed manhole, blocked and sunken sidewalks, and no street cleaning.  In addition, it has sent a message to the community that the police and the ESDC selectively enforce the law, eroding the community’s trust in government and law enforcement.