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Flyers stapled to street trees on Dean Street

Dean Street between Flatbush and 6th
July 14, 2013 - 3:51pm

Flyers have been stapled to three street trees across from the arena and B2 by John Civetta & Sons.  The concern is damage to the street trees.  This 311 complaint is a DSNY complaint.  I also filed a second complaint for damage to the trees with the Parks Department.
Fines for posting on a street tree are increased if the tree is punctured, which is the case in each of these circumstances.  The fines are also increased if this is a repeat occurrence.  I'm not sure about this contractor, but contractors working for FCRC on Atlantic Yards have made this mistake before.
John Civetta & Sons were contractors for the transit opening at Atlantic Yards so it is reasonable to assume they are also coordinating work related to B2.  The flyer gives notice that the street will be closed Saturday June 20th and Sunday June 21st in order to enable a mobile crane to install Con Ed vaults.
For some reason, the construction alerts generally do not include utility work associated with construction of Atlantic Yards.  Likewise safety and protection plans related to utility work with the project don't seem to take the utility work into account either.  There is no mention of this street closure in the most recent construction alert which does cover the time-frame cited in the notice.  Will a supplemental construction alert be released?
Photos are attached.

flyer in street tree one.jpg601.24 KB
flyer on street tree two.jpg471.58 KB