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Photos of some offending limos 5th Ave, Bergen, Dean

5th Ave between St. Mark's and Flatbush; Dean and Bergn between 5th and Flatbush
August 25, 2013 - 8:45pm

Due to time constraints, these photos could not be posted last night. Most were taken at 8:45PM and some at 11PM. No Traffic Enforcement Agents were seen during the entire evening and it is assumed that there were none assigned to patrol, according to FCR. Regular Police Officers were stationed on corners such as Flatbush and Bergen but not engaging with illegal parkers. Two officer patrols in the area were encountered at around 9PM and did respond positively when the offending vehicles in the immediate area were pointed out, though the action taken was not noted.

The nature of the threat posed by the incident or impact.
Local community
More than once
Public health
cars parked in No Pkg, Bergen:Flatbush.jpg208.84 KB
limos in No Stndg, 446C Dean.jpg183.38 KB
limo blocking bus:hydrant 39 5th.jpg190.5 KB
cars parked in No Pkg, Bergen:Flatbush.jpg208.84 KB
limos in No Parking zone (turning lane) Bergen:5th.jpg188.16 KB
limos in bus stop Bergen St:5th.jpg174.17 KB