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Resident threatened by non-resident after she asks people to leave her stoop.

Dean Street between 6th and Carlton Avenues
August 25, 2013 - 3:00pm

The following was forwarded to me by a resident of Dean Street between 6th Avenue and Carlton Avenue.  The resident is happy to talk to officials but wishes to remain anonymous in this incident report:
All during the afternoon, I repeatedly had to ask MTV related crowds and 
onlookers to refrain from sitting on my front steps.  They were drinking 
and eating, and impeding the path of our tenants entering and leaving 
our building,
At one point, approximately 3:00, I asked a group of people "please 
don't sit on the steps."  After having to repeat myself at least twice, 
one of them asked me if it was my house.  I said yes, and again firmly 
said "Please don't sit  on the steps".  After they finally got up, a man 
in the group walked up to me and yelled that he didn't like the way I 
told his daughter to "get off the steps", he said he didn't care if I 
lived there and I had no right to talk to them that way.  I reminded him 
that I had to ask several times for them to not sit on the steps before 
they got up. 
After ranting in a every aggressive and threatening manner, he 
insinuated that "maybe tomorrow he would come back and I wouldn't have a 
house any more, he would take care of that".  A neighbor of mine stepped 
in and asked the man to back off and move away.  As my neighbor is a 
man, and as the police came down the street at the same time, the man 
left, gently escorted by the police. 
This has put me, my family, especially my young daughter in a 
very uncomfortable position.
We were promised that only residents would be allowed on our street.  
However, I would estimate more than 75 people were standing by the 
trailers in front of our homes.  Police did come through around 2:30, 
announcing that people would have to move if they didn't live on our 
street.  Most of the people left, but unfortunately, so did the police.  
After that, the crowds slowly formed again.
We were left in a very difficult position, trying to protect our homes 
from loiterers and overly excited fans.
I would hope that in the future, a police presence would be stronger, 
and identification proving residence would be checked well before the 
crowds formed.
Thank you again for asking me to account my confrontation, and I can 
only hope and pray the man does not follow through on his threats.

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