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Front garden crushed and trashed by fans on Carlton Avenue

Carlton Avenue adjacent to Dean Street
August 25, 2013 - 6:00pm

This report was forwarded by a resident of Carlton Avenue who wishes to remain anonymous:
There was a gaggle of fans at the intersection of Dean and Carlton last
night, August 25, 2013, hoping for a glimpse of this or that celebrity
exiting from the make-up trucks during the MTV Video Awards at the Barclay
Center.   At that same intersection there is a small garden, separated
from the sidewalk by a low concrete curb.  The crowd felt no compunction
about throwing garbage into that garden, stepping over the curb and
standing in it, breaking and trampling plants, many of which were
completely destroyed. Even if there had been an extra barrier to put
around that garden, I doubt the police would have bothered. I tend to this
garden for my own private pleasure, the enjoyment of the people who live
in my building, and those who walk by on the sidewalk. The garden is, in
some sense, a privately owned public space.
The Barclay Center made this private/public domain available to itself
(the red carpet on Dean Street is another example) without consideration
of, or recompense to, the neighborhood. It was quite cool that the MTV
Awards were down the street and Dean Street residents did receive parking
vouchers for the duration of the event. But the MTV Awards was not a
festival that understood itself to be taking place in the context of a
neighborhood.  It was thus mounted at the expense of fragile interstitial
areas, such as this garden, that help to sustain this particular
neighborhood.  This can happen with minor consequences a couple of times
but before long such an attitude will render the area surrounding the
Barclay Center a barren, subservient landscape.


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