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The MTV VMAs leave plenty behind: food packaging, bottles, red carpet, and debris

Dean Street, 6th Avenue and Pacific Street
August 26, 2013 - 10:30pm

The code of conduct we've found from the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment says nothing should be left behind by the production, but plenty has been.  A clean up took place Sunday night and early Monday morning but it wasn't thorough -- especially given MTV was a guest being hosted by a neighborhood and borough.   
Prior to the event colored chalk messages to the attendees of the VMAs were written on the sidewalk by "the Dean Street Kidz."  The messages are distributed along two blocks of Dean Street.  And the "kidz" had some success. Near the messages it was cleaner Monday morning.  But many tree beds -- particularly along Dean Playground -- were left dirty.  
One problem is that garbage on private property -- inside gates for example -- was cleaned less well, perhaps because entry for the cleaners isn't legal.  That means garbage from the production, (like strands of the red carpet),  that finds it way under front gates or into private garbage cans becomes the property owners responsibility.  
The date and time of the attached photos are below.  This report is a companion piece to http://www.atlanticyardswatch.net/node/1541 which covers the debris left on Pacific Street and Sixth Avenue.  Some additional photos are available:
1).  Monday, August 26, 11:35:  Carlton Avenue champagne
2).  Monday, August 26, 11:30:  Garbage in a tree bed on Dean Street near Dean Playground
3).  Monday, August 26, 10:25:  Welcome to our street!!  Please keep it neat!! -- Dean Street Kidz
4).  Monday, August 26, 10:40:  Water bottles on fence and in private property on Dean Street
5).  Monday, August 26, 10:40:  Pieces of red carpet on private property
6).  Monday, August 26, 10:44:  Garbage around stoop on Dean
7).  Monday, August 26, 10:44:  Debris on Sixth Avenue near Dean
8).  Monday, August 26, 10:44:  Garbage around stoop on Dean and inside fence
9).  Monday, August 26, 7:30 PM:  Crosswalk at Dean Street blocked because of accident with barricades
10).  Monday, August 26, 7:30 PM:  Small nails protrude from wood on Sixth Avenue
11).  Monday, August 26, 12:15 PM:  Cablecast language (part of a larger pile of garbage on Pacific Street near Carlton).
For context, here is what it looked like before pick up:
12).  Sunday, August 25, 11:46 PM:  Private garbage can stuffed with VMA garbage
13).  Monday, August 26, 12:30 AM:  VMA trash on Dean Street
14).  Monday, August 26, 12:30 AM:  More VMA trash on Dean Street 
15).  Monday, August 26, 12:30 AM:  More VMA trash on Dean Street

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