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Illegal parking in usual spots

5th Avenue, Dean and Bergen Sts
April 10, 2014 - 8:45pm

First off,it was a great relief to see a Traffic Enforcement car pull up to a bunch of illegally parked and idling cars on Bergen just as I arrived.  The officers either had drivers move or ticketed cars, about six in all, including a black stretch in the bus stop at 429 Bergen and several in the No Standing zone by 5th AVe.   Kudos!  Also, a regular NYPD officer from the squad car standing with flashers at 5th Ave and Dean noticed (with me) a limo in the bus stop there and asked him to move.  Officer (from 67th Pct) expressed concern about difficult parking here.
Noted:  65 St. Mark's Ave at 5th, at hydrant, black Range Rover NY GDN 9083
53 Fifth Avenue black Cadillac Escalade New York license DWB 5116 at hydrant
 446C Dean at 5th No Standing zone  2 sedans parked
231 Flatbush black limo in bus stop
472 Bergen (Bark) black SUV in No Parking Zone
This is just an informal, quick walk around a few blocks.

The nature of the threat posed by the incident or impact.
Local community
Public health

working with Traffic Enforcement

Priority: -> normal
State: -> New
Client: -> Public
Assigned: unassigned -> Peter K.

between about 9:30 and 10:30 gave about ten leads on illegal parkers to Traffic Enforcement.
Noted that some idling limos at fire hydrants have been there all night.  It is illegal to stand at a fire hydrant after sundown.  And it illegal to idle.