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27 illegally parked cars in one small area - Cher concert

Usual spots 5th Ave, Dean, Bergen, etc.
May 9, 2014 - 10:45pm

In a ten minute walk home from the subway at 10:45PM, found 27 illegally parked cars in a very small area during the Cher concert.  Photos may be uploaded separately.
446 C Dean St:  white stretch limo NY 6531 LA
North side of Dean between 5th and Flatbush:  4 cars in No Stopping Anytime zone
36 Fifth Ave: 2 limos parked at hydrant in front of Yayo's Latin Cuisine
38 Fifth AVe:  3 cars in bus stop, 
37 Fifth AVe:  white stretch limo parked at hydrant
41 Fifth Ave:  black GMC SUV Denali parked in bus stop, plus a sedan behind it
429 BErgen: 1 car parked in bus stop
440 Bergen:  2 cars parked in No Standing Anytime zone (1 Cadillac limo, 1 Cadillac XTS license HW 6.
457 Bergen:  car parked in No Parking 24 hrs Ambulance Garage
472 Bergen:1 car parked in No Parking zone
231 Flatbush: 5 (FIVE) cars parked in bus stop, including white stretch Hummer; bus stopping in traffic lane and cars passing it in center of road.
Crosswalk at Flatbush and Bergen: black GMC limo standing in crosswalk
76 6th Ave (Woodland Restaurant):  Lincoln limo license W103479C at hydrant and No Parking zone plus 1 sedan parked in same no parking zone.
65 St. Mark's Avenue:  grey SUV parked at hydrant

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