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Tree damaged on Carlton Avenue/Avenue closed without notice

Carlton Avenue from Dean to Pacific Streets
January 19, 2015 - 10:33pm

On Monday morning contractors associated with Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park apparently hit a tree on Carlton Avenue.  I was called by a Carlton Avenue resident who forwarded me the following text and the attached photographs.  I am sure the resident will speak to someone in oversight if they wish.
The tree has grown on a lean so the width of the street is narrower at the top of the height of a truck and wider at street level.  The tree has been damaged recently in more than one spot suggesting it has been hit more than once. There is what appears to be plastic stuck in one of the damaged areas of the tree.   I agree with the person who forwarded me the complaint that Carlton appears to have been narrowed too much.   It is an old, beautiful tree and I worry the tree will be damaged more.
There is additional new tree damage on Dean.  I will post a separate report later.
Here is the narrative of the person who witnessed the event:
On Monday morning I heard a horrendous noise from the street and rushed to my front window to discover that an EJ Electrical contracting truck was stuck by the tree in front of my house. This happened numerous times since the green wall was put up in the middle of the street.   The sidewalk side of streets were to park cars and not for carrying traffic. As the streets are constructed  for the rain water to run to the side gutters where normally cars are parked now with the green wall blocking the center of street  all trucks and cars are forced to use the leaning gutter side of street and all cars and trucks lean toward the sidewalk which has out trees and when the trucks are loaded improperly they hit the trees. EJ Electric just removed a street light on the corner of Carlton and Dean and instead of following truck route via Dean/ Vanderbilt/ Atlantic they took Carlton to pick up and remove the street light post on the corner of Carlton/ Pacific.

I rushed outside and told the men that they were not supposed to go on this block, but they said they just wanted to go to the next corner ( not wanting to go the assigned route).

The street light post was just thrown on top of truck. It took a hoist to remove it and put back properly then they backed out of Carlton and took the assigned route on Dean etc.

It is outrageous for the city to refuse to put up a no trucks sign as we suggested to them some time ago. Why can the green wall not to be moved back by just a couple of feet? 

The street was closed off for over 1/2 hour !!!!! and this was not the first time!!!!

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ESD response

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The following response from ESD was received today:

Thank you for your correspondence. In response to this incident report FCRC has notified Tishman and EJ Electric of the MEC requirement that must follow approved truck routes.
In addition, Tishman  and EJ Electric have been put on notice that if the tree on Carlton Avenue dies they're  financially responsible for replacing the tree.
I hope this correspondence has addressed your concerns. If you have any additional questions please  don't hesitate to contact Nicole Jordan at atlanticyards@esd.ny.gov .