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More trouble with a Casagrande drill when it releases what appears to be smoke

In the last two weeks, this website has received incident reports related to adverse impacts on air quality from mechanical demolition, loading of trucks without spraying, an uncovered pile -- one of a number -- on site, jackhammering of a retaining wall, idling trucks, and now again from the Casagrande drill.

The use of Casagrande drills have instigated complaints from nearby residents related to noise, vibrations and air quality.  After striking video documentation of dust spewing from the drill was sent to ESD in April, the drill was apparently modified.  In June, mud spewed from the drill injuring two pedestrians outside the construction site and damaging seven cars.

Today, one of the drills released what appears to be smoke into the air.  The two videos below were submitted with an incident report which identifies the incident as occurring at 9:23 this morning.