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Some steps directed to addressing the rodent problem are underway; in the meantime stories in the press continue

Forest City Ratner Company will begin its distribution of garbage cans with lids to local residents this week.  The BrooklynPaper reports 172 Rubbermaid wheeled cans will be distributed at a cost to FCRC of $32 each.  At the last District Service Cabinet FCRC also said they would add 16 new trash receptacles to the construction site for worker's food waste, and add four new workers to empty those receptacles regularly and do a limited perimeter sweep.  In addition contractors have apparently added between 180 to 220 bait traps inside the construction site.

Based on regular observation, the construction site is generally cleaner than before attention was drawn to the rodent problem, such as when this linked photo portrait was taken June 21st.  But garbage can still be found in the 22 acre footprint of the project.  The photo below from August 4th shows trash including food waste located mostly inside the railyard work area just east of the 6th Avenue Bridge.

At the District Service Cabinet, (and following an inspection that seems to have occurred several weeks after the photos linked above were taken and press focused on the problem), Atlantic Yards Report quotes NYCDOH rodent expert Robert Corrigan saying, "Two of three (segments), had very high rates of sanitation pick-up."  Assuming the three segments of the project referred to are the arena block, the LIRR railyard, and the construction staging on block 1129, it may be speculated the area without a high rate of sanitation pick-up is the railyard.  NYCDOH has no authority and provides no oversight on MTA property, and the Atlantic Yards contractors there are different than in the other two "segments."  ESD, however, does have authority and should be providing oversight.

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has begun inspections in the area in the vicinity of the project site.  Those properties that fail will receive a notice with inspection result, followed by a compliance inspection.  For properties that are non-compliant, DOH will eventually bait.

The Department of Sanitation, (DSNY), may also have started inspections.  When further information is available, it will be posted here.

In the meantime, stories in the press continue.  

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