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Idling Construction Trucks

Pacific Street between 6th and Carlton
May 3, 2011 - 9:30pm

Filed today per the lined up cement trucks behind newswalk.....that sit there idling for extended periods of time.

Are they even allowed back there? I know they are not supposed to be idling.

311 told me that the matter will be handed over to the 88 Pct. for non-emergency response.

The nature of the threat posed by the incident or impact.
Local community
More than once
Public health

More on trucks...

Priority: -> normal
State: -> Active
Client: -> Public
Assigned: unassigned -> Peter K.

I registered the 311 call for this. I happened to catch this on 3 May 2011 but I can promise you, if I was able to spend the time, I could find enough material to be calling 311 on a daily basis.

I see trucks barreling up Dean Street and down Pacific Street every day. There is never a flagger at CARLTON and PACIFIC, so the trucks just do whatever they want. They get backed up on PACIFIC, starting at SIXTH AVE and going on back towards CARLTON, behind the NEWSWALK building. They are ALWAYS idling.

The streets are filthy. And for extra fun, something must have been leaking oil or God knows what, painting all of DEAN between SIXTH and CARLTION, and around the block and back down PACIFIC.

The people responsible for this project and the ESDC clearly don't care, and or, are incompetent. Probably both.