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Atlantic Avenue water main installation begins between Carlton and Vanderbilt

The installation of new sewer and water mains on Atlantic Avenue between Carlton and Vanderbilt Avenues began last night and produced three noise complaints.  Although the work will line some areas of the project's second phase footprint, it is a City project not considered part of Atlantic Yards. 

The work last night involved using an excavator to pound shoring into the ground so that work can take place inside the trench.  That activity can be loud.  This work will continue tonight, as well as Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings next week.  The trench will then be temporarily plated and asphalted and the work will move to another location.

The work is occurring at night because Atlantic Avenue is a major thoroughfare.  The project is expected to be completed next summer.  Daytime work in the same vicinity is Atlantic Yards-related.  Apparently, today jackhammering took place underneath Atlantic Avenue inside the railyard.

The Community Construction Liaison for the water and sewer main work on Atlantic Avenue is Kamala Questel from the New York City Department of Design and Construction.  Her office hours are generally Monday through Friday at 936 Fulton Street.  Her telephone number is (718) 789-1464 and her email is atlanticavenueccl@gmail.com.