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Clinton Hill/Bedford Stuyvesant block association calls for traffic calming measures

The Classon, Lexington and Quincy Block Association (CLEXY) has released a petition with over 500 signatures calling for traffic calming measures to address current health and safety risks due to illegal truck usage, speeding and congestion on Classon Avenue.  According to President Laura Benko, the block association is in agreement with the Department of Transportation's plans for traffic calming on Classon, but asks for additional measures because it believes current conditions will be worsened by traffic generated by Atlantic Yards.  

The additional measures called for include banning left turns onto Classon from Atlantic Avenue and a bike lane.  The petition also calls for signage designating Bedford Avenue "as the route for eastbound stadium traffic to access the BQE" and reinforcing the ban on thru-truck traffic on Classon. 

The Local reports new "no left turn" signs off Atlantic Avenue onto Vanderbilt and Washington Avenues trigger concern in CLEXY members that Classon Avenue will now be a principle travel route for arena patrons.  The project's 2006 traffic analysis anticipates that the north/south streets in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill that will experience an increase in traffic are primarily Carlton, Vanderbilt and Washington Avenues from vehicle trips originating in Queens, Long Island and Westchester.   The same analysis includes the elimination of the eastbound turn at Vanderbilt as a mitigation and does not identify Classon Avenue as experiencing increased traffic as a result of the project. 

At the Atlantic Yards District Service Cabinet November 3rd, NYCDOT Downtown  Brooklyn Transportation Coordinator Chris Hrones stated the eastbound left turns were eliminated to make the intersections more safe.  The Vanderbilt/Atlantic intersection has the second most accidents of any intersection studied in the project's environmental analysis.  He acknowledged the elimination of left turns eastbound along Atlantic Avenue means fewer access points to local streets can be inconvenient for some community-members.  

The Local reports the DOT traffic calming plan for Classon Avenue was approved by Community Board 2, and will be reviewed by Community Boards 3 and 8 in the future.  According to President Benko the petition will be presented to the Department of Transportation, Council Member Letitia James and Community Board 2.  

The text of the petition is the following:

Classon Avenue is almost exclusively a residential street, yet current levels of illegal truck usage, speeding, and congestion pose serious health and safety risks for all who live, work, and travel on Classon Avenue. These unsafe conditions will be greatly exacerbated by increased traffic associated with Atlantic Yards. We, the undersigned Brooklyn residents, demand that the following traffic improvements be made on Classon Avenue before the opening of Barclay's Stadium:

1) "No Left Turn" designation (all vehicles) from Atlantic Avenue onto Classon Avenue.

2) Clear and prominent signage along Atlantic designating Bedford as the route for eastbound stadium traffic to access the BQE.

3) Addition of signage reinforcing Classon Avenue as prohibited to all truck traffic excluding those making local deliveries.

4) Addition of a bike lane on Classon Avenue from Bergen Street to Dekalb Avenue.

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