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2011-12-08 Why is the ESDC condoning the Barclays Arena contractors to illuminate the entire rail yard for no reason?

Vanderbilt Railyards 718 Atlantic Ave
December 8, 2011 - 7:30pm

The video shows..... no reason to the illuminate the entire rail yard.....
So, what reason is the entire Vanderbilt rail yard illuminated, please explain ESDC. Why is the ESDC tolerating the Barclays Arena contractors to illuminate the entire rail yard (from Vanderbilt Ave to 6th Ave 2 avenue blocks long) at all hours of the night from dusk to 3:30 am at times and before 6am to service 1 or 2 pieces of equipment and workers in the very north east end of the rail yard at the corner of Atlantic Ave & Vanderbilt Ave? Other than a total disregard for the communities’ health & livability it’s obvious from a lack of amount of cars parked in the assigned parking area that the number of actual workers working is very few (1~2, 3 no more workers visible in the video), so why is the entire neighborhood illuminated from the Long Island Rail Road rail yards high intensity sodium flood lights. Residents inside the 171 unit residential building @ 700 Pacific St are dealing with having their apartments being fully lit by the high pressure sodium vapor lamps causing extreme excess light pollution for residents at all hours of the night. The light is blinding @ times vs. the normal street lights.
This is another clear & conclusive piece of evidence of how the ESDC fails miserably to enforce FCR/Barclays Arena/Vanderbilt Rail Yards construction contractors to adhere to published Construction Alerts or EIS procedures or common sense to consider and protect the local residents against the continued relentless negative impacts from arena/rail yard construction in a residential neighborhood. As SOP the ESDC/FCR continues to allow changes to construction work restrictions THEN informs community after the change occurs thus aggravating residents even more by failing to enforce what they publish to whitewash what is actually happening and continues to ignore and protect the community for which the ESDC has a fiduciary responsibility to support and advocate and shield the residents from these impacts. Why is this still happening when it has been brought to the ESDC’s attention may, many times?

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