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Railyard construction extended to 3:00 AM weekdays

A Supplemental Construction Alert from Empire State Development Corporation Project Director Arana Hankin has given notice work in the railyard now may extend until 3 am Monday through Friday.  The extended hours are to be implemented as needed to work on the Carlton Avenue Bridge.  State documents made available as a result of a FOIL request by Norman Oder of Atlantic Yards Report show ESDC's Owner's Representative STV reported to the ESDC in September 2011 that the bridge is one month behind schedule and now has an anticipated completion date of late September 2012, the same time the arena is scheduled to open.

Construction work hours in NYC normally are allowed 7 AM to 6 PM weekdays.  Recently work in the railyard has been extended to begin at 6 AM and end at 11 PM weekdays, and from 7 AM to 11 PM Saturdays. Arena work hours have been extended as well.

Complaints about the use of lights have occurred with some regularity on Atlantic Yards Watch recently.  The lights were originally not to be used for construction.  According to the Project Director the contract between FCRC and LIRR was to be revised to enable the contractor to use the lights for construction, not just operation and repair as originally intended.  The supplemental alert warns the lights may now be used until 3:00 AM.

The FEIS projects extended weekday work will occur about 40% of the time and weekend work 50% of the time over the course of construction.  Extended work is taking place at a more frequent pace than anticipated. ESDC has suggested work in the future may be less deadline driven, therefore compensating for the additional work hours taking place now.

The Carlton Avenue bridge was closed and partially demolished early in 2008, but work to restore the bridge did not begin until December 2010.  Extended hours work has been permitted throughout the construction site on an ongoing basis.

The text of the supplemental alert:

New Information:

Commencing on Thursday, February 9th, Yard construction hours have the potential to extend until 3:00 AM Monday through Friday.  These extended hours will remain in place through the completion of the Carlton Avenue Bridge replacement, as needed. Additionally, to facilitate early start and late finish of work, Yard Flood Lights will be turned on at 6am and from dusk to 3:00 am, during double shifts through the completion of the Carlton Avenue Bridge replacement, as needed.