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Live cameras

Arena block from east

Block 1120/6th Avenue from north

Block 1129 from south

Neighborhood character

Impacts relating to degrading of views, streetscape, land uses, and overall sense of place by project construction or operation.

Trucks in pad

The Pad next to 620 Atlantic Avenue
March 2, 2013 - 8:32pm

Six trucks are parked in the Pad tonight.  The trailers are apparently down below.  Why aren't they in the Navy Yard as promised?
photo attached

2013-03-02 7 ea Swedish House Mafia 18 wheel tractor trailers illegally idle & park on public sidewalks

620 Atlantic Ave
March 2, 2013 - 6:00am

2013-03-02 7 ea Swedish House Mafia 18 wheel tractor trailers illegally idle & park on public sidewalks
6th Ave from Dean St to Pacific
From around approximately 5:45am 18 wheel tractor trailers illegally idle & park on public sidewalks for the Swedish House Mafia tour load in.
03:10 no flagging of other traffic
03:35 uses air horn next to residential apartments
06:05 yelling, screaming & whistling next to residential apartments

Are residents allowed to park at fire hydrants on alternate-side days?

5th Ave
February 16, 2013 - 9:14pm

....or is it limited to Barclays Center patrons/black cars during events?


February 16, 2013 - 8:58pm

9pm and 2.5 hours of gridlock/blaring horns (some for 90 seconds at a pop) just ended. Imagine it'll resume in a few hours after Barclays Center lets out, so that's something to look forward to.

Our tax dollars at work

70 5th Ave
February 15, 2013 - 8:38pm

Dark Nissan sedan NY plate FMF-1415 parked in no parking zone at 70 5th ave (corner St. Marks), impeding southbound traffic from passing vehicles waiting to turn left onto St. Marks Ave, contributing to congestion and honking. Vehicle is displaying a DOT "Annual Parking Permit" on the dash.

"Temporary" removal of street trees on Pacific Street (and elsewhere) could last for decades with delayed construction

Update:  The trees in the article below have been cut and no date for their replacement has been provided the community.

Once heralded as a "Garden of Eden" in Brooklyn by New York Times critic Herbert Muschamp, Atlantic Yards is becoming meaningfully less green step by step.  

In what is a big loss for nearby residents, next week Forest City Ratner will remove 20 street trees on the northside of Pacific Street between 6th and Carlton to facilitate construction in the area.  The photo to the right was taken this summer.  No date has been provided for when they will be restored.

Forest City Ratner received a permit from the Parks Department in 2008 to remove 86 existing street trees in the public way inside the project footprint including the 20 trees on Pacific Street.  A Council of Brooklyn Neighborhoods FOIL at the time brought both the permit and a debate over restitution between the Parks Department and Forest City Ratner to light.  FCRC initially asked for the financial restitution they were required to pay to be waived in lieu of the greater number of trees they said they were to plant with the project.  In the end the Parks Department reduced the cost of restitution by the value of 116 street trees they were told would be planted on the project perimeter.

While the Parks Department has confirmed it recently updated this permit, it is not currently known to what extent it has been modified to take into account the changes to the project construction timetable, construction sequence, and phasing of property ownership made in 2009.  The area where the trees on Pacific Street are located was originally anticipated to be the first area of the second phase of the project to be constructed.  However, in October 2012, FCRC Executive Vice President MaryAnne Gilmartin told investors that second phase construction would begin first on block 1129 (between Vanderbilt and Carlton Avenues, and Dean and Pacific Streets).  Further, at the time the 2008 permit was granted, it was assumed the air rights over the railyard would already be owned by FCRC.  Now MTA still retains those rights and FCRC is not obligated to purchase them. 

This means FCRC has been given permission to cut street trees lining MTA property they do not control, and because the construction timetable for this area is indeterminate, they may leave a now green area destitute of trees for a long time.  With the information currently available, the neighborhood character of the northside of Pacific Street is likely to join nearby 6th Avenue as victim of construction delay-induced blight at Atlantic Yards.  

The Usual Stuff

The Usual Places
February 12, 2013 - 8:42pm

53 5th Ave: Black car parked at hydrant
63 5th Ave: Black car idling
66 5th Ave: SUV idling in front of Hydrant (1 hour)
68 5th Ave: Car parked in no parking zone (2 hours)
70 5th Ave: Car parked in no parking zone (1 hour)

Reports of noise from Jay-Z and Sensation circled Barclays Center

During the bass-heavy Sensation show at Barclays Center it was observed by residents, and confirmed by NYC Department of Environmental Protection, that noise at the arena was audible and disruptive in nearby homes.  

Numerous incident reports about noise from the arena were filed on AYW during Sensation and Jay-Z's concerts.  The diagram above shows the approximate locations complaints were submitted to AYW for those two events.   Jay-Z's music was heard as far away as the surface parking lot on block 1129. Jay-Z's performances ended by 11:30 PM.  Complaints received regarding Sensation extend to 1:30 AM; according to some reports the event continued until 5:00 AM.  

Honeymoon is over - back to the usual horns blaring/illegal parking

5th Ave b/w Prospect Place & Bergen St
January 5, 2013 - 7:40pm

Had gotten used to the quiet over the past few days. Oh well.....

72 5th Ave: SUV parked at hydrant
70 5th Ave: 2 cars parked in no parking zone
Black car idling at hydrant on corner of St. Marks Ave

Tipping bush in parking lot

mid-block on Carlton between Pacific and Dean
December 27, 2012 - 8:15am

Bush planted in landscaped perimeter was tipping this morning due to weather.  Photo is attached.